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Outsource Recruitment Reference Check Services with Employment Office


It may be one of the least pleasant parts of recruitment, but it is often one of the most valuable. Let the team at Employment Office handle the reference checks for you. Performing reference checks can be time consuming and frustrating. But with Employment Office, we make the process simple and pain free.

Our Shortlisting and Selection Specialists are highly experienced in reference checking, so that you receive all the information you need without investing too much time and effort. Our team provides:

  • Fully completed reference checks by experienced recruitment specialists.
  • Thorough questioning about candidate attributes with specific, pointed questions.
  • Custom reference checks according to the role, if requested.

We know not only what questions to ask and how, but also how to review their answers to determine what they mean and how it speaks for each candidate. Give us approval, and we will begin calling references right away.

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Custom Reference Checks from Our Team at Employment Office

We are able to perform reference checks for all job types and roles. We also have the ability to customize these reference checks to the position. Our custom reference check services are affordable for all SMB or large businesses, with low cost pricing options for each type of position:

  • Standard Reference Checks – Ideal for entry level jobs and those without significant complexity.
  • Custom Reference Checks – Great for leadership positions and those that require significant technical skill.

We will call two references per candidate, and we will do so right away so that you can cut down the list of candidates fast and find the ones that are most qualified. Our reference check services can be used independently, or as part of our shortlisting and selection services, and we’re always happy to talk to you about any of our services and see which make the most sense for you.

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