Behavioural Testing

Behavioral Testing in Recruitment with Employment Office

Experience and training may contribute to success, but they do not account for all of it. It is the candidate’s personality and characteristics that often play the biggest role.

At Employment Office, we use advanced behavioral testing techniques to provide you with a more thorough, deeper recruitment process – one that is able to accurately and effectively measure the skills associated with excellent job performance, and provide you with the candidate that has the right temperament and behavioral fit for the role.

Advantages of Behavioral Testing

What makes behavioral testing so powerful, is that it identifies the talents that someone has as a person, rather than looking at them by experience alone. It also gives you tools to help them thrive in the position, because it is capable of identifying areas of improvement as well. With these tools, Employment Office can help you:

  • Shorten the shortlisting time, so that you have a list of qualified candidates faster.
  • Identify great talent by their personality and temperament, not just their years of experience.
  • Find the right person given the unique needs of the position.
  • Established a comprehensive management strategy for supporting employee growth.
  • Obtain accurate analyses and data on factors related to job performance for each candidate.

At Employment Office, we will also have one of our Shortlisting and Selection specialists take you through the process of behavioral testing and give you and your staff the tools you need to integrate it into your recruitment strategy.

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