Assessment Centres

Assessment Centers – See The Talent in Your Applicants

Our most exciting shortlisting services in Canada have to be our assessment centers. These assessment centers give you the opportunity to observe your candidates before you hire them. We design, implement, and analyze group assessments based on the needs of the position.

Our assessment center services make it possible to genuinely see the talent of the people that you’re planning on bringing on board.

Benefits of Our Assessment Centers

Resumes and interviews provide perspective, but they don’t measure talent. Assessment center do. Benefits of these services include:

  • Shorten the time it takes to find the right candidate for the position.
  • Obtain insights not possible with traditional recruitment.
  • Gain more confidence into the employee’s abilities.
  • Find new hires that are able to perform in the position.

Employment Office’s shortlisting experts will also guide you towards making better hire decisions using this information, which will help you find better staff in the future.

For those that do bulk hiring, those that seem to struggle to find the right employees despite great on-paper experience, those that need people with better temperament and behavioral skills, and those that simply want to enhance their recruitment capabilities, our assessment centers are the right choice.

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Why Choose Assessment Centers from Employment Office?

Incorporating assessment centers into your recruitment process has many advantages including:


Confidence – Feel confident that you are hiring competent candidates for each role.



Efficiency – Shortlist faster and reduce the time it takes to hire from large candidate pools.



Accuracy – Find the right people for the job, ensuring more accurate hiring decisions.



Insights – Learn more about each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses to help them flourish.

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