Shortlisting & Selection Services

It’s one thing to attract applicants. It is another to successfully narrow down the list of prospective candidates to find the best possible talent from the pile of resumes.

Let Employment Office be your partner for your shortlisting and applicant selection services. Our team uses innovative tools, rigorous vetting, and experienced support that saves you time and makes for a more efficient and effective recruitment process. Our shortlisting and selection services include:

  • Skills Testing
  • Behavioural Testing
  • Background Checks
  • Assessment Centers
  • Video Interviews
  • Reference Checks
  • HBDI

We are able to deliver full end-to-end shortlisting and recruitment management, or specific services as needed to better optimize your recruitment pipeline. All of our shortlisting experts communicate with you throughout the process, and can work with your team rather than behind the scenes.

We use some of the latest techniques to gain insight into the available candidates, as well as strategies like two way video interviews, group assessment sessions, behavioral assessments, and detailed background checks.

And we do all this with our best-in-class and proactive candidate care that is more desirable to the candidate and ensures a competitive and strategic advantage over the competition. Only pay for the services you use and need, and let us be there to assist you at any point in the process.

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Assessment Centres

Our team uses state of the art skills assessment centers that make it possible to show you their talents, rather than simply read them on paper. We facilitate assessments in group, and use them to identify truly great candidates.

Video Interviews

Employment Office uses two way video interviews with best in class technology to screen more candidates in a more efficient and effective way. Our video interviewing cuts time and improves candidate management.

Background Checks

We make sure that all of your candidates have the background they claim, with thorough background checks that are performed by our specialists using all available resources. Hire confidently with our background checks.

Behavioural Testing

Employment Office provides modern and effective behavioural testing, which is known to accurately predict future job performance, temperament, and how the employee will fit into your current company culture.

Skills Testing

One of our most popular recruitment solutions, our skills testing capabilities strengthen the recruitment process significantly, using technology and proven assessments to determine which candidates are equipped to thrive.


Reference Checks

Experienced and personable, our team is here to help with providing accurate reference checks on all of your qualified candidates. We handle this time consuming and uncomfortable task so you can focus on more important things.

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