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Innovative and intuitive, Employment Office is a source for the latest in powerful recruitment software and technology. We can supply and implement some of the best tech that the recruitment world has to offer, with end to end recruitment products that feature:

  • Streamlined campaign and candidate management software for monitoring the recruitment pipeline.
  • Candidate communication tools to support the hiring process and improve applicant engagement and loyalty.
  • Data and insights, to give you greater feedback and support for managing talent and optimizing campaigns.

We also have a great customer service team to provide you with rapid responses and feedback whenever needed. Our software and technology is designed to fully enhance the recruitment process, and turn your business into a human resources powerhouse.

Employment Office partners with Scout Talent, one of Australia’s leading recruitment software companies. Our products include:

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Scout Talent: Select

Exclusive offer for Employment Office customers.

:Select is an exclusive technology for Employment Office clients, with a candidate management system (CMS) that is highly effective at managing the recruitment process.

Scout Talent:Engage

:Engage is a type of software that effectively attracts and secures talent, giving you a steady flow of great applicants to your open positions and developing your own talent pool.  

Scout Talent:Recruit

:Recruit is a CMS that handles all stages of the recruitment process. It scales to your needs, and helps you manage your recruitment from advertising to selection.

Scout Talent:Promote

:Promote is a tool that provides better in-house direction. Its strategic planning software helps you easily identify the rock stars in your company, monitor their progression, and nourish their success.

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