Employer FAQ

What if I want to employ more than one of my candidates?

That’s fine – there is no additional charge regardless of how many of your candidates you employ. We charge you for our recruitment process instead of charging you a percentage of salary fee like employment agencies do. Additionally, if you are looking for further staff down the road, you can go back through your short list of candidates and contact other people on that list to invite them in for an interview or to offer them the job.

How long does it usually take to find staff using Employment Office?

Most employers start receiving applications within 24 hours of giving us the ‘go-ahead’ for the recruitment. Your online recruitment form and advertising will remain live for one month. Most employers have a short list and are ready to start interviews after two weeks.

How much control do I have over the recruitment process?

In the past when you’ve advertised jobs, you may have received an unsorted pile of resumes from people looking for work – some emailed, some posted in, others even dropped off at your front desk. Alternatively, you may have used extensive selection criteria to match the best person to the role, in the process scaring away other suitable applicants who don’t have the time to spend on such a detailed process. Employment Office allows you to retain tighter control on the process by combining the best of both worlds. To apply, applicants will respond to a set of questions focused around the needs of your specific job, and their focused responses will be sent directly to your inbox. You don’t need to sort the apples from the oranges. This process means you can compare applicants evenly and quickly. You maintain control over the whole process – you can ask applicants for resumes, organize interviews or talk with Employment Office about our specific job fitness testing for your short list.

I already run my own ads. Why would your advertising be any more effective than mine?

Dealing with your day-to-day business operations, you don’t have time to concentrate on running an ongoing marketing campaign for every job that comes up. It is Employment Office’s business to make sure your job opportunity attracts as much attention as possible from the right people. As a strategic marketing specialist, Employment Office understands how we can best pitch the job to people in your market. We have a professional copywriting and design team who specialise in creating advertisements to grab potential applicants’ attention, and a Sales Support team who place and refresh multiple advertisements at peak times over a variety of fields. More than throwing together an ad for the paper, and then another one online that you’re not sure is even worth the money, Employment Office gives you a synchronised advertising campaign designed to attract the best applicants to your team.

I don’t use employment agencies or advertising agencies – why would I use Employment Office?

Employment Office is neither of these traditional models. We are a recruitment pathways and strategic marketing specialist. We help you focus the dollars you’re already spending on advertising and recruitment into a more time efficient pathway to ensure that your money and effort get you the right person for the job. Importantly, you retain complete control over the whole process.