Employer Branding

Employer branding is the secret to great recruitment. When you have successfully branded yourself as a great place to work, you attract more of the leading talent and retain that talent for longer.

Let Employment Office help you enhance your employer branding efforts. We provide a personalized brand strategy, combined with a plan of action that makes you the preferred employer in your area. Our branding services are an effective way to articulate the benefits of working for your organization to both employees and candidates, creating a strong employer brand that lasts.

We provide end to end employer branding services led by senior recruitment branding specialists. Our services include:

  • An audit of your employer branding assets.
  • Development of an employee value proposition.
  • Plan for internal and external communications.
  • Creation of employee engagement programs.

Our team creates a variety of tools that your business can use to develop and maintain an effective brand, including:

  • Implementation of talent referral system.
  • System for social media management and engagement.
  • Public relationships and outreach publicity.

We create a framework that is successfully tailored to your budget, led by recruitment professionals up to date on the latest industry trends. We also take your brand out there to the real world, seeking out passive candidates and making sure that your employment looks desirable to all possible applicants.

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